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Dog Harness Safety Vehicular
September 16, 2019
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Customized Printed Pet Collar
September 16, 2019
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Pet Cats Dogs Foot Clean Cup


  •  Removes all dirt, mud, and sand in between the claws.
  • Suitable for small or large dog.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good for cleaning purpose.


Pet Cats Dogs Foot Clean Cup

Silicone Material:high-quality silicone material,soft, comfortable and does not damage the dog’s skin. Clever Design and unique jar cup shape,this dog paw cleaner cup can be detachable. easy to use, more efficient cleaning. Easy Cleaning after use, just rinse with water,and reusable. Positive Effect. Thoroughly removes all dirt, mud, and sand in between the claws. Suitable for small or large dog. Don’t worry about the dog soiling the floor anymore
How To Use:
STEP 1: Add some water to pet foot washer
STEP 2: Guide your dog’s paws into the soft gentle silicone bristles
STEP 3: Twist back and forth so that the silicone bristles can thoroughly clean the paw
STEP 4: Remove and discover a much cleaner paw, dab the paw dry with a towel
STEP 5: Discard water and rinse clean
Type:Pet Cleaning Brush Cup
Material: Silicone
Color:Transparent blue,orange,green
Size:Mini/Small/Large Size
Mini size:5.5×7.2×9.3cm
Small size:6.3×8.2×11.2cm
Large size:7.3×9.2×15.2cm
Package content:
1x Dog Foot Washer Brush Cup
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